Dividing Face

Formed in the winter of 2010, Dividing Face brings rock n roll into a new era. Blending together the sounds of blues, hard rock, the 80's and the 90's, their songs find a way to connect to their audience regardless of genre. Their lyrics tell stories that people can relate to.

Quickly becoming known for their energetic live arena style shows and sharing the stage with touring bands such as Saliva, Like A Storm, Bobaflex, and more, the common theme among those who have seen Dividing Face say "You have to see them more than once."

So come out, catch a Dividing Face live show and Get Faced!

Garrett Lamb

Garrett Lamb

Lead Vocals

Rhythm Guitar

Sonny Mao

Sonny    Mao   

Lead Guitar

George Odom

George Odom


Dan Geddie

Dan    Geddie